Need some help setting up Anbox network connectivity

I’m attempting to install Anbox, and after a lot of initial trouble & contradictory information about kernel requirements I seem to have made it work or at least launch. I’ve installed the linux-zen kernel & headers from aur, as well as anbox-git and anbox-image-noscd-gapps. I followed the last response in this Manjaro thread and Anbox is now launching, however, network service does not seem to work as playstore cannot communicate with Google servers. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? Neither systemd or network manager solutions provided in the archwiki seem to make a difference.
according to the post, but this does not seem to have made a difference.


i see:

$ sudo systemctl enable --now systemd-networkd.service

i dont know from what you do, from Ethernet or wifi ? if you use wifi probably also need iwd for that !

that like this

i believe iwd is also somewhere there …

but…his tutorials seems to incomplete it misses a lot from