Need help with suspend under 5.12 kernel

I seem to be having a problem with suspend and hibernate with one of my systems, if I run it with a 5.12-based kernel.

System: Dell Latitude D630, Core2 Extreme X9000, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD
Description of issue: When suspend or hibernate starts, the screen blanks, the WiFi indicator goes out, but both the Bluetooth and Power LEDs remain lit. At this point, the system will only respond to a hard power off. Suspend and hibernate work normally on a 5.11-derived kernel.

I know this is not an eOS issue, per se, but I’m at a loss as to where to start troubleshooting the issue. TBH, the last time I had to troubleshoot suspend issues, I was still running a Pentium III back when Ubuntu was taking its first pass through the alphabet. Needless to say, I’m open to any pointers, necessary log outputs, suggested kernel parameters, etc.


I do have the same problem with a different laptop. My workaround is to use LTS-kernel 5.10 where the problem does not occur.
Googling around for a solution was not successful by now.

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If this is only on the 5.12 kernel and you don’t have this issue with the LTS kernel like @marteng69 , unfortunately there isn’t really anything you can do for now until the problem is fixed in the kernel. There’s nothing you can troubleshoot. Please try the LTS kernel, and the zen kernel. If you’re having the same problem on ALL kernels. . . . then we would want to look into more troubleshooting. If this was working fine, and an update broke it, it’s likely an update will fix it too.

Sorry to not have a better option available currently.


Hello @jruschme
I know this post is old but it’s the same model Dell D630.

It’s definitely only a 5.12 issue. At the moment, I’m running the liquorix kernel which is still on 5.11. TBH, I’ve gotten kind of spoiled running a low-latency kernel on this laptop, so I’m sort of hoping to avoid the LTS kernel.

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After updating to kernel 5.12.7 the problem is gone on my laptop.
Maybe you can test it with yours.