Need help with PGP

Hi there,
I made a PGP pair, or tried that is, for my email, I followed these steps, that I found here, seemed simple enough,

I succesfully created a pair, but when I tried to make Thunderbird to use them, it did not accepted it,

So, I tried creating the keys usin Thunderbird’s built-in PGP thingie, and yes it generates a key, but only the public key, I do not understand where is the private key, it did not ask me to set a password, like the CL tool did,

Is there a program to help an encrypion newbie, or an online guide?

Yes I did search online, and there are so many it is a bit overwhelming.

Thank you

The archlinux wiki has a pretty comprehensive guide on how to generate keys. It also explains how to backup your private key and how to backup your revocation certificate. Thunderbird’s OpenPGP Key Manager has an option to “Backup secret key(s) to File”. It also allows you to revoke your keys, but I don’t know how to export your revocation key from Thunderbird.

Yep, Arch wiki should have been my first choice, I guess I’m getting older, xD

My internet service has been weak lately, took a while to reply.

Thank you