Need help with installation sorting

Hello, I have been running EOS on my laptop and wanted to switch my main desktop to it. I want to have windows on my 250 gb SATA SSD (C:) while having EOS on my 1 tb NVMe SSD (E:). I also have a 500 gb HDD (D:) to give both operating systems a backup 250 gb each. How would I setup the drives during the installation process? I know to fully ignore C: .

I would select the Nvme drive as the target in the installer, and just get through the installation without interacting with the other drives at all. Then, after the installation is up you can set up partitions on the backup drive, et cetera.

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Just physically unplug the C SATA and D SATA from the machine. Then when you boot the live ISO there’s only one drive available and only one to install to. No potential to mess it up and no potential to place the boot loader on the wrong efi partition.

Edit: Once the drives are disconnected, it’s the normal install process. This is how I always install my multi-boot systems, it removes me from the equation for error (mostly).


Beat me to it. That is how I do it then use GParted for the other drives later. As long as Grub doesn’t mess with the bootloader on the Windows drive you are golden.

Thank you all. Have a good night.

just check before with gparted or

sudo parted -l 
sudo fdisk -l

for your main desktop:
check all disks are GPT

→ check that /boot/efi windows is on SSD not Nmve
be careful on update windows

→ on nmve create /boot/efi for Eos , ( 512Mo )

for dual boot ,
see this How difficult is it to set up EOS with a dualboot alongside windows? - #7 by kjw

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