Need Help understanding yay

So I learned on here I can update as easy as typing yay
But I see I can also do yay -Sua
that only updates the packages would that be my normal update if I don’t want to update the OS constantly.
or is it better to just type yay

My other question is what do you do on the rebuild deppendcy part do I hit enter to type n for none or I for installed or a for all? this part has me lost ?

Last is what is the proper way to search stuff I been using “yay tlp” as a example and typing the number for the one I want.

So far I love this os! Im sold on keeping it just need to find my way around yay

yay -Syu : upgrades packages that are in the official repos

yay -Sua : upgrades only AUR packages

yay : equivalent to running both of the above commands (i.e., it’s the same as yay -Syu && yay -Sua).

I think you will find that most EOS users simply run yay.

yay -Ss is the search function, for example, yay -Ss vlc will search both the repos and the AUR for packages containing the term “vlc.”

Personally I use the web interfaces to search packages.

Arch repos:


I assume you mean the cleanbuild prompt - usually a cleanbuild is not needed, that’s why the default option (if you simply hit Enter) is no.


I usally use yay for updating my system.

More info in wiki:


ahh ok so just hit enter and it will be ok

Normally, yes.

Occasionally the build will fail, and a cleanbuild is generally the first thing to try when that happens (it’s more complicated, but I don’t have time at the moment to write a detailed explanation).

Just say “yes” and if you ever encounter a problem building an AUR package, post on the forum and you’ll get help.

I think your other questions have been answered but I would just add that, yes, this is the best way to search and install packages with yay if you don’t know the exact name of the package.


Mostly use pacseek now with an icon on the panel. Typing yay is 3 keystrokes and pacseek is one and I’m still using yay. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I type paru :crazy_face:

Thanks for this explanation!

This should go on a prominent place in the wiki to make the start for beginners much easier.


You can also use the eos-updater. I have an alias in my .zshrc something like:

alias upd=‘eos-update’

That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with yay specifically.
It’s just a hint from me on how to update EOS

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