Need help understanding firewall configuration

I like the firewall app. It is feature rich. But this has become too complex to understand for me. I use Podman. I have a container up with static IP assigner to it. Using the port forwarding option, I tried to forward port 80 of the Podman container to my router so that anyone on the internet can reach it. But that made the container’s port 80 unreachable. Maybe there were a loop in network traffic. Now, when I use the portscan utility (you can find it on python pip) to scan all IP with port 80 open on all devices on my network, it shows each and every IP on the CDIR to have listening port 80. But those IP are not being used by any machine! I attached a screenshot of the output I get.

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I must admit that I’ve replaced firewalld with good old ufw, partly because it integrates better with Plasma Firewall. But there are others with experience and knowledge of firewalld who should be able to help.

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