Need help choosing Python web GUI

Hi. I need to make a simple web app. I would need the user to click buttons and then a Python script would process the inputs and change some widgets’ text.

I already have the script, but I’ve never did any web development and now I have to choose a framework. Flask, Django, what?

I started learning Tkinter and I like it, but I read that there’s no way I can use it to make a web app which will work in a browser, so I must drop it. Tried Kivy, and then I read it can’t be used the way I want either.

I’d very much like something close to Tkinter, Python-based, for dummies, with good documentation and/or tutorials. I’d be super happy with buttons, a grid and a few label widgets. Any recommendations?

Never done any web stuff either. But I use PySimpleGUI for everything I write for my own use. It has a web thingy :smiley:


hi carpet,

i can recommend Reahl, if you want to use only python(without html/css).


If you’re having to choose from these two, then Flask.

Django is more suitable for sophisticated and large web projects. Flask fits smaller projects.


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