Need help choosing - Endeavour vs Manjaro

Hi all
I need some help. I am either moving to Manjaro or Endeavour but can’t decide. My favourite DE is Plasma and I usually use Manjaro Unstable but have installed EndeavourOS once of twice (distro-hopper).
Can someone please help?
Thanks in advance

How close to Arch do you want to be? EndeavorOS is very close to Arch, Manjaro is less so. Manjaro updates quite a few packages after they come out of Arch that then have to go through Manjaro’s release process. The more changes, the more chances for breakage. :man_shrugging:

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I know Manjaro makes a few modifications to some packages like Grub, so you may actually find it a smoother experience to hop over to Endeavour instead of Manjaro’s unstable branch since the vast majority of packages come straight from Arch.

That’s a very good point - I’d like to stick closer to arch and I think I’ve finally cracked setting up Btrfs to rollback like with Opensuse. I’ve used Manjaro for a long time so I’m not quite sure of the difference anymore.

i would say try it in virtualbox play with it make it fun… there is no rush :slight_smile:

Manjaro is another beast it has a Framework for video drivers is unique for manjaro related distro’s als grub-quiet they incorperatie with fedora to have the fastboot logo run over thats main difference…if you already run manjaro, just give a test drive on virtualbox you can always decide later :slight_smile:

edit: also lot kernel versions for minority can be good but is also overdone on some ppoint :slight_smile:

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There really is only one choice. :wink:

Choose Endeavour … “fast acting” … “long lasting” Take the journey :rocket:


If you want to make everything work the way you would it to be go with Endeavor. The one time I installed Manjaro there was to much “stuff” in the way for my taste. It’s easier to build up than to tear down and then build.

I find Manjaro is not, in any way, more stable than EndeavourOS.
I also find it too front loaded with stuff.

I would go EndeavourOS.
IF I didn’t have time to configure anything myself I would maybe consider Manjaro Architect, it is the only way I can imagine installing it these days.

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