Need advice with Linux Backups + Encryption

Hi everyone I’m new here been using Endeavor-OS for about 3 months now and can officially say I’m no longer a Windows Gamer which is very exciting. But i thought i would reach out to you guys and ask for some suggestions. Right now the way I’m making backups of my OS is: I’m using time-shift to backup all of my backups onto a LUKS Encrypted portable USB drive. This works great I’ve tested it and I’ve restored my OS everything runs perfectly this is a great system. The problem i have is I’m planning to do a fresh install of Endeavor-OS eventually with full-disk encryption with LUKS. Apparently (I haven’t tried) Time-shift can’t backup a system that is full-disk encrypted due to the boot-loader or something. Does anyone have any advise or ways i can sorta make my dream come true of having encrypted backups on LUKS as well as a full-disk encrypted PC? I haven’t been using Linux enough to be competent completely on non-GUI tools and what not so keep that in mind I’m still learning terminal and how to navigate my system. All replies are GREATLY appreciated, Thank you!

Timeshift isn’t really a backup tool, it is a snapshot recovery tool.

Most backup tools won’t care that your device is encrypted since it presents as a block device when unlocked.

So I guess should first identify what your goals are for backup? Are you trying to be able to quickly recover a snapshot in case of a problem or are you trying to backup your data?

Not trying to backup my data i have that covered perfectly. I just need to be able to completely restore my system if it we’re to break or lets say my PC went down and i got a new one. Id like all my apps settings and such to be all in working order and good to go. I can do this now just as i said i don’t know of any way to do this on full-disk encryption for future reference :slight_smile:

Are you sure you can’t use Timeshift with luks encryption?

Where is the source for that information that it won’t work?,support%20full%20disk%20encryption%20user.