Need a quick help with dolphin preview and firebox photo upload select window

I have several basic minor stuff on Enos and firefox photo upload window need help.

Question 1: (file select preview option)
Pls note that when i upload a photo from /Desktop or other folder, there is not right side preview window, hence i can’t locate which screenshot is the one i am trying to upload to forum . The icons on the left side of the file name is so tiny.
Where is the setting located ? i know in dolphin there are sliding bar to make icon big and small with ease, but here (upload file in browser), i don’t know.

So, Question1a:
Is there way to activate a preview on the right side so that i can browse thru which is the screenshots i want.
Or is there way to make left side icon to be bigger ?


This screenshot is the samething, but on /Pictures folder.
When i am selecting a photo from /Pictures, there is a PREVIEW window on the right side as i am browsing throught screenshots.
How come there is preview here, yet when i browse /Desktop folder, there is not preview window ? is there command or setting to turn on / off preview feature ?
Question 2b:
Is there way to zoom the preview so it is bigger or smaller ? (just want to know for a better using experience; incase some photo needed to be zoom in order to see the difference.

Question 3:
Dolphin photos browsing in “Detail mode”. Is there way to preview photos ?

By default, Firefox uses the GTK file chooser. However, you can change it so it uses the plasma file chooser. If you search around you should find instructions on how to do that.

If you you switch it, it will then have the slider and everything else you are used to in kde.

It should activate whenever you select something it can preview. It does for me.

I can’t replicate this behavior. I can get previews in the home folder as soon as I click on something which can be previewed.

You can zoom with the slider in the bottom.

Alternatively, you can enable the information panel in settings or by pressing F11


For preview photos why wouldn’t you be using gwenview and enable thumbnail view?


Perfect, i can use F11 to enable it and drag it to be bigger so that i can preview the content of the photos… Good one. Thanks.

Nope, it does not do that for me. I have photos on /Desktop and in /Pictures folder. Was only /Pictures folder that it shows preview.
Now that i have used F11 to enable preview on /Desktop, when i open /Pictures folder again, it does not auto preview those photos already. Anyway, F11 is good enough for me.
It seems like F11 have multiple function depends on what software is it . F11 toggle menu bar on terminal, now it toggle Preview/ info on Dolphin.

I don’t know that windows is called “file chooser”. Let me dig thru internet first, Because i have not known this thing can be change…
Thanks for the info.

Oh! I never realize there are tabs on left bottom that can change it from “Information” tab to “folder” tab which i can use it to browse photos… I always thought this Gwenview thing only a simple photo viewer… never thought it is somewhat like ACDSee.
One thing lack of the bottom thumbnail bar is that it does not shows file names together with the thumbnails…
Is there way to enable file name too ? it is userful for me to see which file name is what… so that when i use file chooser in firefox, i can locate the file using the file name.

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After searching and reading for an hour, I don’t think File Picker can be change
Are you sure it change be change to plasma file picker ?

This is not possible. It’s built into the program and can’t be changed. It depends on the program using GTK or Qt. Firefox is GTK so you’ll see the GTK file chooser. And in a Qt program you’ll see the Qt file chooser. You will never see Dolphin, your file manager can’t influence this at all.

In fact it was so easy that I fell kind of ashamed, for chromium browsers you just have to install the kdialog package and you’re good to go !


Firefox uses the standard GTK file-chooser. I don’t believe that this can’t be changed.

Yes, my Firefox uses the plasma/kde file chooser.

There are actually several ways you can do it. The second bullet on this list describes on of those:

More verbose instructions for the same thing can be found here: