Neat little PC for linux

I stumbled on this little mini PC, seems it would work with linux too. Better specs than my raspberry pi, might even work for daily use. Any of you use a mini PC, carry it from home to work instead of laptop? or other use case?


just bought one of these, as a home theatre pc, cost £279/US$353, which for Ryzen7/16gb/512gb is a silly price!


There’s lots of really great little PC’s out there. I think all are better than Raspberry Pi at this point.

I’ll be getting one soon too I’m going to be taking my TV back offline and revert to the good old days of my TV as a big computer monitor and a mini PC as the media center. I’m doing it all as I mount the TV on the wall.


I am thinking of this. TV screens great, software is slower than a snail and buggy. I think they base it off Android but doesnt work well.

I’d rather have this one.

I’d just buy the Intel NUC instead. Which is exactly the same thing for half the price without branding or Pop OS.

I’ve noticed too that Mini PCs are getting really popular and I really like that. I would absolutely buy one for work related tasks, as these little babies can push through a lot of stuff with no issues. I think just about every one of them works well with Linux, since they’re basically laptops without the issues of being truly portable.

It depends on what is your target use case. For me RPi’s biggest advantage is power draw below 6W, passive cooling and that it can do the low load task I need from it 24/7.
Just for these reasons it would be a bad deal for me to “upgrade” from RPi4 to RPi5 - for some tasks I have i7-7700 undervolted cpu that takes about 15W idle/low load - it is just not tiny.

Nevertheless, there are many tiny pc’s I would like but there is also a problematic availability in EU (and with shipping the cost is just too damn high).

I know it’s perhaps a more unpopular suggestion here, but if you get yourself a used mac mini m1, you’ll get a completely noiseless, energy efficient but powerful little home server. And asahi linux works amazingly well with it.

Jeez that is three times the price of mine (with an i7)!!!

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I bought an ASUS PN50 about 1 year ago. It works great and is very small. . .will fit in the palm of your hand. Got it hooked up to a 32 inch monitor. . . works great. Very fast. Got EndeavourOS installed on it and it works like a charm. Definitely nice to use and very small. Uses about 35~40 watts power. Runs cool and hasn’t hiccuped yet. Much better than a laptop in my opinion. Has build in AMD ryzen chip graphics. Plays video’s very smoothly. Can be mounted on the back of the monitor if it allows it to be so.


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I want to get a Protectli and use it as a host for ProxMox.