Nearly all apps crashing and system freezes

My system is unusable right now: Everything (chromium, firefox, konsole, Plasma, Xorg and etc) is crashing or my PC just freezes and I need to force shutdown.

Hardware Information : pastebin
Systemd Journal: pastebin
Coredumpctl list : pastebin

By the way I did memtest86 for 1 hour 30 mins and no errors.
And I am dual booting with windows 10 and there no issues on windows 10.

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Can you give a description of your system?

Most likely reason is a partial upgrade.

Make sure you have a working mirror, then run sudo pacman -Syu in a terminal or TTY.

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No unfortunately everything is updated and it still occurs.

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It is:
Ryzen 5 3600
Nvidia RTX 2060 Super
MSI B450 Tomohawk MAX
16 gb 3200MHZ RAM
1 tb nvme ssd - this is where windows installed
480 gb ADATA sata ssd - this where linux

Hello @Gilmage
Is this a desktop? I see you have an RTX 2060 Did you have any issues with the install?

Hello, yes it is a desktop no issues with installing.
But only this freezes and crashes happening afterwards.

How did you install the video drivers?

I checked nvidia drivers option on installation app
then also after installing did: sudo pacman -S nvidia

Okay …let’s try something. Run this and see what it reports.


it says:

Your graphics card (id: 1f47) is supported by the nvidia-dkms driver.
To install a driver for this card, you can use nvidia-installer-dkms

Maybe install the dkms version. You can run a test here first and see if it reports any errors.

nvidia-installer-dkms -t

interesting unfortunately it says:

2020-09-10 03:18:21 [ERROR]: Couldn’t find a driver suitable for your graphics card.
2020-09-10 03:18:21 [ERROR]: If you have an older nvidia card, you may use the --force option to install nvidia-dkms and follow further instructions.

Just give me a minute to look something up. We just did some more testing on that tool because Nvidia has changed some things in the database. I might have to report this to @manuel to have a nother look with your card.


Alright, thank you.

Can you post the output of this.


and also

nvidia-installer-dkms -t

Sure: pastebin

Can you try running this.


[gil@arch ~]$ nvidia-installer-update-db
Fetching NVIDIA graphics card ids from
Database is already up-to-date.

Try again this one

nvidia-installer-dkms -t