Nautilus-image-converter ==> dolphin image converter?

I am looking for nautilus-image-converter but for dolphin file manager … is there such a luxury in dolphin ?
It is good for quick resize of photo sizes for internet purposes. It is very convinience to use, just right click the photo and resize. job done.
I used to use one of such feature in windows os as well. But i can’t find one for dolphin.

I’m no KDE user, but looks like package dolphin-plugins includes Converter (and maybe other similar plugins) which might be worth checking.

Take a look at this thread. In post #5 I described a part of the functionality that package kim4 provides in dolphin.

yay -Qs kim4
local/kim4 0.9.8-2
    Kde Image Menu to compress, resize, convert, rename and much more