Nano goes CTRL-C, CTRL-V


Nano does now allow the user to set “modern” key bindings:

Command-line option --modernbindings (-/) makes ^Q quit, ^X cut,
^C copy, ^V paste, ^Z undo, ^Y redo, ^O open a file, ^W write a file,
^R replace, ^G find again, ^D find again backwards, ^A set the mark,
^T jump to a line, ^P show the position, and ^E execute.


Oh man, i just got used to it’s own shortcuts … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


There is some irony in using “modern” in this context though :wink: :

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Don’t worry its optional :slight_smile:


You can totally customize nano’s keyboard shortcuts in its config. This is an old feature. I did so once and then got all mixed up whenever i needed to login into a remote machine that didn’t have my customizations.

In the end I decided it’s better to stick with the defaults.



This is a new option in nano. What I’m saying is: this possibility existed for years via config files. But not just a predefined “modern” keys layout. You have the option of setting any custom keybinding for nano’s actions.

Sorry, i should have written rather than just using an emote. I wasn’t sure if you’d seen that it was usable everywhere as long as you had the latest version :slight_smile:

Indeed. Nanorc is a treasure-trove for customizing nano.

The new option is mostly an easy way to get nano to use “modern” keybindings.

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