Mycroft AI

I’d be interested to hear from people with experience using Mycroft AI. Specifically, I’m having a problem trying to install the KDE plasmoid from the AUR repo.

I haven’t used it but if you share the error you are getting when installing from AUR maybe we can help you.

Which one is it as it’s not listed that way?

I used it about 6 months ago, I used the git setup from the Mycroft site1st, then installed the aur plasmoid, I had no problems.

It should probably be this one plasma5-applets-mycroft-git

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I have nothing important to say, more than thank you. I’ve been thinking of playing around with Mycroft but forgot about it.

So, Sunday tinkering settled! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Just to be clear, I have successfully installed MyCroftAI by following the instructions at , but installing plasma5-applets-mycroft-git from git fails.The plasmoid/widget is not shown as available in kde “add widgets”. Apart from this, the app is working, including the Mycroft GUI.

Hi. How did your Sunday MyCroft tinkering go?

It went as far as intalling it, and then I fell asleep on the sofa, so there was not much tinkering going on. :sweat_smile:

Very interesting project. Bookmarked!

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Yes, very interesting. Now that I have it working well (apart from the KDE plasmoid), I want to see how it can be used for voice activation of apps, dictation to a word processor, etc. This appears to require knowledge of Python and I am not a coder (though not totally without some knowledge). Perhaps someone out there is also interested, or knows where relevant code snippets might be available?

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