My xfce4-notifyd icon in panel look weird

the icon of notifyd in panel not in the middle, the offset is not perfect and little annoying for me. How to fix that?

The pixel size for your icons should always be smaller than the pixel size of your panel.
I assume, your screenshot is made with panel-settings active (…the two red lines). This shows that your icons have not enough space.
Example: panel size 28 / icon size 22

  • xfce4-panel --preferences - objects

No it’s still like that, i change my panel to 32 and icon size to 24 and.

also network icon like using scalable file and the other is not. Oh also in live preview via usb it’s work perfectly and problem had after install the os.

What theme/icon-theme you are using ?
Does this happen with other themes ?
I use Adwaita-dark theme, Kora icon theme, all fine.

To adjust the icon size in the tray-panel, create the file:


edit with:

#xfce4-notification-plugin * { -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.75); }

Adjust the scaling to your needs, logout/login.

…so,what have you changed ?

No, i didn’t change anything just theme and icons. even fresh installation the problem was there.

ah maybe i see the problem. translateY(3px) is the problem

I have this in gtk.css (hope you find it useful, but nothing guaranteed :wink:):

window.xfce4-panel widget > box > button > image{
   padding: 0.2em 0.16em;  -gtk-icon-transform: scale(0.8);

window#whiskermenu-window treeview>* {
  padding:0.2em 0.16em;
@import 'colors.css';

I think that this must have happened by an update in the last two weeks. There were also I think at least 3. so that can also creep errors. With me it was also until then in order.
But now looks exactly like you.
The solution above will correct it, it for now.

If you mean package updates, they should never touch $HOME files.

I remove it all except vte-terminal, and that’s work. The scale code make icon blur and that little annoying for me. The result is

  • move panel to the top

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