My windows get partially cut off when I tile them in CInnamon DE

I’m using CInnamon version 5.05. I have super+right/left shortcut set to push tile window to right/left respectively. When I tile a window to one side, if I press shortcut in order to tile it on opposite side, at first it doesn’t respond, if I press it again, my windows gets tiled to the opposite side, but it gets weirdly cut off on one side. Here’s a picture of my problem. Restarting Cinnamon and restarting my system didn’t work. I have the same problem with shortcuts set to push snap window right/left.

If you’re trying to have them snap together and resize together - the first window needs to be full screen, and then you snap the second window in.

I have just one window that I want to snap to the side, if I want to change a side window is snapped to, this bug occurs.