My system running smoothly, really fast, but could it be better?


Am I missing something? If so, leave your tips below…

  • Gnome Wayland
  • Gnome screen refresh rate set to 144hz
  • amd pstate with ondemand governor
  • Kernel: Zen
  • Firefox 105.01
    Firefox running in Wayland mode
    Firefox with hardware acceleration working (vaapi)
    Firefox with Pocket plugin disabled
    Firefox with Ublock origin enabled
    Firefox running with psd (profile sync daemon)
    Firefox refresh rate set to 144hz

Sure if you switch to Kde. :rofl:


Maybe next install I test it :wink:

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MATE and LXQt much faster.

Windows Managers also fast


If you have a newer powerful system i don’t think you see much difference.

Edit: I mean visually and using it.


hmm :thinking:
Never used MATE… LXQT is what we see in Raspbian OS, right?

You are right, but I deal with much less powerful ARM systems so I notice the difference more


Definitely on lower power machines i agree you would see and feel the difference. It can be quite noticeable.

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How do you get the on demand governor with pstate enabled?

Once you enable amd-pstate as mentioned in this thread:

Install cpupower, then edit the file:

$ /etc/default/cpupower
# Define CPUs governor
# valid governors: ondemand, performance, powersave, conservative, userspace.

Then enable/start the service: cpupower.service

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Some things that may help:

  • more RAM
  • SSD instead of HDD
  • bigger SSD if it is almost full, or remove unnecessary files to get more free space

About DEs: I’m quite happy with the speed of Xfce on my 11 years old laptop.
I use Xfce on other machines as well so that various tweaks and settings wouldn’t be too different between them.

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Just a stupid question: If you systems runs smootly and really fast which sounds pretty good to me why do you want to get it even faster?

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That is not the case, I’m asking, did I forget something?
Maybe you have a tip that I’m not aware of :thinking:

Maybe Kde is a better choice. It is awesome. :laughing:


Tbh if your system is smooth and fast already there isn’t much you can do. Minus hardware changes a lot of tweaks to Linux provide so little or questionable benefit they really don’t matter.

Short of going GUI free you’d be better served to look at how you can make your system more secure vs faster.


See how much linux eats your battery overnight. Let’s say for 12 hours. How do you put him to sleep. For me it is over 30% and it is unacceptable. For Windows 5%

You may find that you have something to do with your linux :slight_smile:

Ah, the typical Linux conundrum…“It’s working great! That’s boring, let’s see if I can break it” :laughing:


No he just bored with the Gnome’s! :laughing:


Did you compare zen kernel’s performance against xanmod, maybe it can boost your performance a bit. Xanmod is not officially supported by Arch unlike Zen though.

Hello Erenk, I see that this is your first post, welcome to the community, purple side of the force.

Never tried xanmod, to be honest I don’t think I ever heard about it before.