My system freezes randomly

OS: EndeavourOS rolling rolling
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.16.1-arch1-g14-2
Uptime: 15m
Packages: 1193
Shell: zsh 5.8
Resolution: 1920x1200
DE: KDE 5.90.0 / Plasma 5.23.5
WM: KWin
GTK Theme: Breeze [GTK2/3]
Icon Theme: breeze-dark
Disk: 1021G / 2.3T (47%)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS with Radeon Graphics @ 16x 3GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 with Max-Q Design
RAM: 4169MiB / 15477MiB

It happens at least once a day. Even fresh install of EOS did not solve the issue. It seems like the issue is with the updates, because this issue is relatively new in my machine. This one happened right when I have played something on Netflix, but it happens very randomly too, even when it’s idle. In this case I played the video > Firefox froze > I tried to restart > system attempted the restart > black screen with the audio still on > audio is off > force kill by holding the button. Here are the journalctl --since "30 minutes ago" results. I would appreciate if you could help me understand what this log means.

log.odt (55.1 KB)

Appears to be related to your storage device. Firstly, check if you’re impacted by "PSA: Linux 5.16 has major regression in btrfs causing extreme IO load", second you really should update your kernel as there are many fixes in between 5.16.1 and 5.16.4.

If you can’t update 5.16 then use 5.15 and see if that works better.