My screenshare has stopped working

I currently use endevoros sway edition and a couple of weeks ago, my screen share on discord stopped working and whenever i stream and someone watches it, it’s just continuously loads for them. I think I’ve tracked down where the issue is through a lot of effort but i can’t seem to find any solutions. What I’ve discovered is that is seems like xdg-desktop-portal-wlr is not starting (because when i run systemctl --user status xdg-desktop-portal-wlr.service it’s says that the service is inactive(dead)) and from what i can tell, that’s why my screen sharing doesn’t work, but nothing I’ve tried seems to fix it. I’m sorry that I’m probably not supplying the right information but I’m fairly inexperienced with this stuff and don’t entirely know what I’m doing.
Update: all of a sudden, xdg-desktop-portal-wlr.service is running just fine, but i still can’t share my screen on discord so now I’m just completely lost

I have similar issue, does your issue happen immediately after boot or it works for a bit?

A friend of mine has the same problem when anyone wants to spectate him. His workaround is currently to open Discord in the browser, where that problem does not occur.

Last i had tried browser streaming wasn’t working but i just tried it and it looks like i can use that for now, but i’d still rather fix the main client if i can

It’s straight from boot, I haven’t been able to stream in discord at all