My Post on Distrowatch

I finally found an Arch keeper! I’ve never ran an Arch distro, but something lead me to download EndeavourOS yesterday and have a look. I’m hooked! It’s light, fast and runs well on my old desktop. Minimal apps installed, so not a lot of junk to remove. Also, there is no gui package manager, so everything is command line. No biggie, I’m used to command line on Xubuntu to update, install, and remove apps. However, Arch is a whole new command line environment. Since Arch has been around for so long, and very popular, everything I needed to know was answered with a simple web-search.

As long a you read the current release notes about how to install EndeavourOS, the Calamares installer worked perfectly!

My thanks to the EndeavourOS team for this new experience.


Welcome to EndeavourOS. Here you will find a welcoming community and lots of interest. Feel free to ask questions when the need arises and if you follow the forum you’ll also pick things up.