My PC is freezing and crashing frequently

this is my issue with this distro, but this only happened twice, let me explain. 2 years ago I installed endeavour os for my first pc with KDE, it ran well, fast forward to 8 months later my PC got Freeze and crash problem, i did an OS reinstall and it ran fine, this time i’m using endeavour os but with XFCE, it ran nicely and now, a few days ago it started to freeze and crash again, i checked for hardware problem and even did a cmos reset, didn’t help at all, so i did a reinstall, i’m in a middle of installation rn btw, did anyone have a story for their own reinstallation?

Not a story like that.
But your issue sounds like a hardware problem, with disk or RAM.

Alternatively, if there’s a motherboard BIOS/firmware update available, that might help (but be sure to check that the update is for your exact machine).

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This looks very much like a hardware problem. Have you run a RAM test yet?

what type of test? i tried booting with each one at a time, it does turn on for the second stick(now in my a2 slot), the first stick didn’t turn on after a few seconds (10 seconds maybe), i left the second stick for a bit longer to go downstairs

i did just installed an old ssd, but it’s just for games, do you think it could be the problem?

Sounds like that stick may have an issue if booting is weird with just that one

Try the elimination method. First remove all disks, sticks, and anything that you don’t necessarily need. Then test your system. If it works well, reboot, and add one thing that you removed.
Then test again well.

Continue like this, each time adding one thing, testing well and reboot, until you find which device fails.


will do

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We await the results of the tests.

i can only test the rams and secondary SSD, test them one time each, resets the motherboard everytime, boots everytime, can’t test the GPU because my CPU doesn’t have integrated GPU

Ya…my story is flawless every time! I don’t have these issues. Never have. I have newer updated hardware. Could be hardware is older, or lacking and also can be caused by network issues if internet is not good or very slow. You could have some failing hardware also. It is best to post your hardware output.
Post the url for this command.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog


my internet is kinda slow, my phone could get 25 to 30 mbps in the same room, but my pc would get 10 mbps at most, my internet plan is 30 mbps, and my router is just next to my room, can a bad wifi card be the problem?

One of things i do notice is you have the original UEFI Firmware(Bios)
There are 6 newer updates so i would suggest at some point you might want to update to the latest
version F7. This may or may not solve your issue but it’s a good place to start.

It has updates for microcode and enhanced compatibility with m.2 drives and a host of other updates that are important. This could play a role in some of the issues you are having possibly.

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