My MSI laptop's screen brightness it changing itself

Hi everyone,
My laptop’s brightness is changing itself randomly. sometimes it’s 40% and sometimes 15%. I looked in the power profile and i couldn’t find anything which changes brightness itself.

I am using EndeavourOS X64 (KDE plasma ) and my system is MSI Modern 15 A5M (AMD Ryzen 5 5500U with Radeon graphics )

Check the image below:

Settings > Energy Saving > uncheck “Dim screen” and “Screen brightness”.


Thank you, I did exactly as you told , yet I am facing the exact problem.
here’s a quick screen recording of my power settings and brightness issue.

Greetings @olaf :wave: :sunglasses: :enos_flag:

From what I see in your video, your laptop is switching modes from AC, to battery, to low battery modes, and the brightness is adjusting accordingly to each mode.

If that’s not expected (for example, you didn’t just unplug it), then that might suggest an issue with your power?

Hi @Bink, Finally I am so happy because I fixed it.
But there’s some tread off. I had to disable brightness control hotkeys. yet, I am happy.

I run the command

sudo libinput debug-events

and saw My brightness is changing like someone is pressing the hotkey ( not me ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue: )
then, I disabled the hotkeys from the settings and everything is under control now.
hehe :smiley:


Well done for honing in on that :sunglasses:

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