My Linux Wishlist

One can hope! I’m actually quite accustomed to no collaboration, too, but sadly, where I work. There are multiple development teams all using Ruby, but only one has a collaborative mindset. The rest just do things their own way without talking to anyone else to see if a particular problem has already been solved. Lots of wheels get reinvented, and it irritates the daylights out of me. Makes me quite sad, actually. But it is what it is.


There isn’t really anything stopping us.


Can someone please edit my title and fix my typo :smiley:

Done with the typo, Dobbie03.
As to the topic, way back, when Antergos was at its peak we contacted Archbang. I think it was a time that they were about to announce the discontinuation of the project due to lack of crew. Antergos, at the same time was developing fast but we also had a handful of developers. I cannot recall the facts well, but the idea of collaboration was turned down.

  • BTW, Antergos Openbox was actually based off Archbang.

Thanks @anarch.

Mr Green and I have been in contact over the last year. We have discussed a collaboration and he has been up for it but basically our planets never aligned.

Interesting to know that Antergos OB was based off AB.


Our door is always open to discuss this, if we can collaborate side-by-side sharing knowledge and/or sharing infra-structure can be among those choices for example.


Did that (video) at an ice rink when I was 4 years old. Good thing dad had a hot cup of coffee to pour down my face; otherwise I suspect I would still be there! :rofl:


Been talking with the guys on Telegram this morning, I am feeling super positive about this.

I posted a bit of information at the ArchLabs forum if anyone is interested in a read.


This is an incredible idea! I really hope that it happens.