My laptop stuck at Graphical Interface

Hey folks, I was using it recently and installed NVIDIA drivers to it.
It is now stuck at Reached Target Graphical Interface and I am not able to get past it.

I have read about this on internet but I am not able to enter any commands.

What should I do

Which card and which drivers?

Nvidia 410M

Are these the drivers you installed? If not you will need to chroot into your install and uninstall the ones you installed, install these and then rebuild your kernel.

I can’t enter any commands I am stuck at boot window

Am at work, no access to a linux machine. You need to search the wiki and the forum for how to chroot from an install media and how to fix.


  • Boot the live media
  • Open a terminal
  • Mount your drives as per the file system used.
  • chroot in and fix your system

Well thank you