My laptop is in a boot loop after doing pacman -Syu

Absolute newbie here, I just did pacman -Syu and restarted my laptop because it told me to and now it’s stuck in the setup utility with no obvious way of getting out. I really don’t want to reinstall linux because it’s such a pain and I might mess something up, but I need my laptop back. It boots into my windows install just fine though if I mash f12.

It’s a 2021 acer swift x

Whenever I exit setup utility, it shows nothing but the acer logo twice, and in between the little white terminal bar in the top left, but no usual startup lines.

When was the last time you updated before this?

No idea, quite a while ago, at least a month I think

You probably hit the grub issue from a few months ago. The fix instructions are here:

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