My laptop battery with linux suks

Hi,guys .Again another question!
Since I switched to linux ,feels like my laptop battery life drops so much .
Then I gotta figure out myself.I tried Tlp and autocpu-freq.I think myself Tlp can do alittle better than auto cpufreq.Just a thought.But a lot of youtubers recommend autocpufreq.I think I was using the wrong way with cpuautoreq.Can someone recommend another better?Plz help me with this.

I use TLP for the battery management. I am not sure if it comes preinstalled with EndeavourOS. I never changed the configs and just left it to it’s default. For my small acer netbook it works great. Combined with a low display backlight I can have it for about 7 hours on battery I think.

Maybe you want to read about it:


It might be your battery, not the OS. Laptop batteries aren’t very reliable and those that come with budget laptops don’t last longer than 1-1/2 years. “DIY videos” found on Internet would reveal that too. You don’t even say what make is your computer. It has happened to me with Hewlett-Packard, refuse to buy a replacement battery if that isn’t going to last two or three years neither without complaining at boot.

sure thanks 'll try it later

Do you even know about battery optimization?Do you even notice about the difference of battery optimization between Microsoft Windows and Linux.Just try to figure it out yourself.I’m sorry if I’m rude to you.I feel like you sound so toxic to me.Sorry and thanks.

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It really works well.Thanks u so much.I used tlp with default config.I didn’t really know that I can change the configuration.Huh,Thanks.

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Battery optimization? Without telling me what is the make of your computer?

Not being rude, instead I was explaining a bit of what happened to me. No optimization was going to do anything about only 1-1/2 years of battery life which was unacceptable. But silly me to have posted in this topic at all. Have a nice day.

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Ah sorry, I’m really sorry.I don’t know what to say now.I was just disappointed on my battery so much and at the time I feel like you are explaining me like a child.So I fked up.Mine is 3 Cell 39WH.When I was on windows,my battery life is around 5 hours so easy.I know it depends on what and how I’m using the laptop.I bought that about 2 months ago.And from windows I switched to fedora then started to feel that my battery life is dropping like 2 hours if I’m lucky.Then I switched KDEneon,MX Kde,now endeavouros xfce.Not improving battery life however I changed to light DE like Xfce.So I thought like u said that my battery is dead.But after I found the Tlp battery saver guide on YouTube,it improved better.But many Linux forums on reddit or alot of Linux websites recommend autocpufreq.But I didn’t feel any better than Tlp.So I made this topic.Sorry if I’m rube a lot ,Honestly.

The combination of power management tools that work best for my laptop (IdeaPad S145-15API) seem to be working well. Battery life is still about 80-85% of what I get on Windows at best. To be fair, this laptop has a 4 hours Windows battery life to start, so its not good. With power-profiles-daemon, cpupower, and powertop installed and set up, I’m seeing between 2.5-3.2 hours on Linux. I have to keep all of the settings cranked for battery life, so performance will take a hit. If I run performance settings, I get about 1.5 hours. If I run something conservative or moderate, its around 2-2.5 hours.

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