My goodness, how in the world do you remove XFCE?

I have just installed Arch on my other computer and i can confirm that installing xdg-user-dirs-gtk automatically sets up the folders in home and places. Thanks!


As long as GDM doesn’t fudge up. I have been thinking of trying lightDm with gnome next time and this might be the opportunity; over the last year GDM has had the “runs twice (as in parallell), causing massive memory usage” and “Refuse to log into the DE” bugs.

I can see you all want a netinstaller… If you want to make this happen fast take a look on github, and help us get this done!
We start with it already but needs a lot prethinking on how to do this.


I lack funds, knowhow and skills.
But toss a beta my way when you get that far and I’ll run it to the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you used to remove and install JWM =D