My first web site

Hello everyone. I got this free 100 dollars from Linode so I decided to make my first web site. It is
from my hiking trip on september:

The text is in finnish language, no ads, some Javascript in comments. It surely aint perfect but I am
quite satisfied to the layout. Quite a learning curve for a newbie and from the scratch :grinning:


As long as you are happy, I’m happy!

I remember my first web page. It was not beautiful anywhere :wink:

Finnish is a difficult language! I understand Norwegian and Danish. But Finnish is difficult!

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I made my first in html. It was bfu! :smile:


Thank you. I am planning to translate the site in english.

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Looks like a credible effort. I tried to leave a comment, but it didn’t seem to save it - so here it is in case!

Vaikuttavin - sekä maisemat että ponnistelut verkkosivuston luomiseksi! Kiitos lähettämisestä EndeavourOS: iin. Toivon, että voisin tehdä tällaisen matkan - mutta vaikka pääsisin sinne, epäilen, että päivä 1 olisi riittänyt!

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Very well done. I really like the picture of the waterfall. It makes me miss living in an area that has more than two seasons, Hot and not as Hot. I miss the autumn and winter. All I can say is good job and keep it up!

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I like it! Did you use Wordpress?

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Kiitos / thank you freebird54. That comment box is from third party ( way out of my coding skills to do it myself ). I had to enable and in my browser to be able to comment. Depends on your browser addons probably.

If the trip was physically quite challenging then so was making this site mentally :wink:. So many things
to learn.

Just html and css

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The last time I tried that kind of thing, css wasn’t yet! Actually ‘coded’ in Notepad (work computer, waiting for db5 to churn through 17 million records doing matches) and it all worked - but then again ‘all’ wasn’t much!

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You can see this in the html code (lots of “wp-”). So no.

But: It looks exactly like this. Simply arranging everything from top to bottom is rather boring. blahnik, I assume that you don’t want to hear only praise.

You shouldn’t give your mail address in plain text, better as a picture. Otherwise it will be burned by crawlers faster than you think.

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Congrats on launching your website! Always cool to see new people taking a dip the HTML/CSS pond. Hope you have years and years of fun with it!

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The website I created is an experiment of how VPS works, how to setup Apache Server, how to learn
basic HTML and CSS, how to get Google index it etc. etc. From top to bottom was the only possible way
for my zero skills to do the outlay. The hardest part for me was to make it responsive to mobile screen.

If I was going to make a longlasting and complex web site, I would use Wordpress or some other CMS.

Most of my email-addresses are disposable like the one in the bottom of the page :grinning:

Ps. Critique is always welcome.

Nice! What was the total hiking distance and days spent?

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You did a very decent job here! Especially if it is your first website and you built it from scratch. Most people opt for the ease of a WordPress or the likes, but there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty on straight up coding shit yourself. You go, blahnik!

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It took me seven days to walk 120km ( 75 miles ). Very rocky path.