My first wallpaper for this our most beautiful community

Hi friends!

This is my first wallpaper made in Blender for EOS to thank this, our most beautiful Linux community.

I hope you all like it, I’ll keep making more.


Nice, like what you’ve done with the logo


BTW forgot to mention that you should upload it to another site to allow people to download it in its original quality. The forum automatically converts images.

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Nice! Especially the logo. :enos:


Thank you very much friends, I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks for letting me know about the resolution, where do our forum friends usually upload their wallpapers?

I will also do several renderings with just the EOS logo when I have time, I managed to recreate a better effect by changing the transparency level and several other things. :grinning:

Ah sweet! I look forward to see them!
Can I request a Dark or black background and/or space background(lika a gas cloud in space, purple ish ofc).


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I normally use github but there are lots of other options out there.

I look forwards to seeing them

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Sure friend, I’ll do it when I have time! :grinning:

Although, I’m a Blender noob and I’m learning by watching video tutorials, so don’t expect much! :sweat:

Thanks for the tip friend! :grinning:

Okey But you are more skilled then me all I did was an 3d-ish Apple in some 3d program years ago :sweat_smile: and my S logo I use as me avatar.