My Endeavour O.S based distro

is it allowed after I create my own distro based on Endeavour (I mean Endeavour O.S with the programs I like ) to publish it in this forum or other place

What exactly do you mean? A custom ISO Live environment or a custom install script based on EOS?

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I don’t think you could publish it with the same branding, that is the same name and logo.

Perhaps you could talk to the EnOS’ team and create a community edition and maintain it.


Why would you base it on EndeavourOS and not on Arch?

EndeavourOS itself is based on Arch, with very little added (one small repo) and can serve as a very good prototype of a custom OS based on Arch.

If I were to make my own Arch-based OS, I would do pretty much exactly what EndeavourOS does, only with my personal preferences.


Probably not.

While Endeavour ATM has community editions of the OS. That has been discontinued. Reason is simple. Not enough people to commit to the projects. I’m sure you could talk to the team and ask to join.

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I realize you are proud that you were able to respin EndeavourOS, but if the result is simply an ISO with your personal preferences of some software packages on an otherwise EndeavourOS branded ISO, what is the point of “publishing” it?