My desktop has changed


5 minutes ago Ive started my laptop with EOS and my wallpaper changed to default (I have already change it back to my favourite) and announcements has another style:

Is that normal? Thanks

I have little experience with XFCE, but this sometimes happens on KDE Plasma, especially on multi-monitor setups, because of a bug where after screens are turned off or there is a crash, screen numbers can get changed. Perhaps there is a similar bug on XFCE?

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Yeah, yesterday I tried to use my second monitor (I have laptop and extra monitor and I am using only extra monitor, so yesterday I tried to use laptop monitor too). Do you know how can I fix that? Thanks

I’m sorry, no, I really don’t know much about XFCE. I know how to fix it on Plasma (after it happens, though I don’t know how to prevent it).

Normally, Arch Wiki is a great place to start, but there does not seem to be anything there about the desktop resetting itself to default:

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will give you a good tip.

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i would bet you have eos-i3 installed in addition to xfce4?
As notifications are dunst if i am not wrong… and config looks same like from i3 setup.
If both are installed it will interfere on setting in some ways, you need to decide what implementations you want to use …


Its okay after restart :slight_smile: thanks

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