MX Master 3 Bluetooth dropouts

Hello, I am currently looking for “my” distro and after Fedora, Garuda, Manjaro etc. I have now also tried EndeavourOS and I like it very much. However, I have a problem with my MX Master 3 - it has a dropout about every 3 seconds. It’s a shame because I only have this problem with EndeavourOS. Of course, everything is updated and up to date. It seems to be something with Bluetooth. I still have a Roccat Nyth wired to the computer and there are no problems. Has anyone had this with another mouse?

Have you looked at the wiki that may help with your issue?

Also maybe some of these packages.


I am using Solaar and no problems.

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Thank you for the answers.

I followed up on your hints. Solaar has improved it a bit, but dropouts are still there.

Must be the driver of the Bluetooth card. A headset also has dropouts. I have now run Manjaro again as Live and there are no problems. So it’s more likely the driver.

Since my board doesn’t have Bluetooth and I solved this with a PCIe card, is there a recommendation for a PCIe Bluetooth/WiFi card?

i would recommend to not use Bluetooth for any input devices… MX Master 3 have the RF dongle … what will not have such dropouts.
BT devices could have an issue with powersaving:

i bet not… could be firmware or settings … and if so simply check it?

inxi -Eaz

and compare with EndeavourOS…
is from kernel… so you could try LTS Kernel tom see if it does the same

I only installed this package and it worked without problems out-of-the box (using Bluetooth, don’t want another dongle on my Laptop).

But as @joekamprad said, if you can avoid it, don’t use Bluetooth for input devices, use the provided USB dongle. this?
Looks liek something nerds love to have because of endless text based config to manually edit with vi :wink: i use solaar and can easily set options if needed.

solaar didn’t work for me out-of-the box, but logiops did, so I stuck with it :smiley: And since I don’t change those settings anyway, I’m o.k. with configuring a text based config once :slight_smile: But I agree, if you change settings regularly, I wouldn’t recommend logiops, but rather solaar.

Solaar works great on mine! USB is definitely more stable than Bluetooth, but both have been pretty solid on my Lenovo laptops

Sorry for my late reaction - Easter holiday. I had the MX Master 3 for Mac, but it didn’t come with a dongle. So I got the new “normal” MX Master 3S with dongle. Had bought a Bluetooth card for a Hackintosh, which also had Windows drivers available for download and these also ran without problems. With EOS and the MX Master for Mac it just didn’t work. The MX Master for Mac now runs on my Surface Studio Laptop in the office and the Master 3S with my Linux desktop and a MacMini. Everything works now.

Thanks for the tips and answers!