Music player recommendations

I want a music player that has functions like Music Bee.
Song rating, mark favorite songs, show song data (genre, artist, album, year), shows cover art, lyrics. And I want it to show synchronized lyrics and also lets me edit the lyrics, Music Bee lets the user synchronize the lyrics, this is the one function I miss the most.

You can try to run it under wine:

Or take a look at this list to see if there’s any similar player:

Yeah, I’m more interested in trying alternatives. I already found a few ones: dopamine, tauon and sayonara. But if I end up not liking them I’ll go with Music Bee on wine.

I think lollypop has all of that (except maybe being able to edit lyrics)

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I’ll give it a try and I’ll try looking for a program to edit the lyrics, my problem with that type of programs is that the ones I found create a .lrc file, I want one that embeds the lyrics onto the song.
Dopamine seems to do that, I already used that program when I was on windows 10.

Dopamine 3 still has less features than Dopamine 2, but it’ll reach feature equality eventually

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Are you using GTK or QT environment?
QT : Clementine still a basic choice. Sayonara is my best choice. You also have Cantata but development just stopped.
GTK : Lollypop is a mush have I think. But GmusicBrowser is the more complete you will find. You can give a try to Rhythmbox too.

A bonus could be Deadbeef wich is very customizable.

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Oh Deadbeef, I forgot about it. I tried installing it one time but I couldn’t, I’ll try again.

If you have KDE installed there’s also Amorak

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Amarok? Does it show synchronized lyrics?

Hi Gudurana.

Try lollypop.

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I use Quod Libet :purple_heart: Looks like it has a plugin for synchronized lyrics. I have never tried that though. I use embedded.



Oh, maybe this could be the best program for me. Only thing left, does it let the user change the theme and appearance?
Edit: I downloaded and tried the player for a bit, and it wasn’t able to move with the lyrics. And I don’t like the looks of the ui that much. Thanks for the suggestion, though :+1:

You might want to try Audacious. I can’t say adhoc now if it can fulfill your wishes, but without much customization it can look like this (and it supports jack output!):


That looks good, are you able change that red wave for the song tags and lyrics?

Yes, in the settings you can set any color for it. Also as hex code.

Thanks for the suggestion but I think that right now tauon + 3kid are good for me. I’m gonna keep an eye on dopamine.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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If your main want is synced lyrics maybe Lyrics is what you’re looking for. It works with any player that supports MPRIS-2

Thanks for the suggestion but I’ll stick to tauon. Now I’m looking for a program to edit, sync and embed the lyrics onto the song metadata.