Musescore crashes with opus 1.5.1

In case you suffer from this problem, a downgrade of opus resolves it.

MuseScore comes bundled with malware. I recommend against using it. Besides, LilyPond is a much superior music typesetter, so MuseScore is pretty much obsolete.

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LilyPond is also more flexible. Although this is subjective, I also find LilyPond’s output much more aesthetically pleasing.

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With malware I assume you refer to muse-hub?

I fully agree that lilypond produces superior scores. For my most recent work, I converted from musescore to lilypond after the score was completely finished because I couldn’t fix the layout in musescore directly. (via export to musicxml in musescore, then import in lilypond via musicxml2ly + manual clean up of the conversion problems).

Musescore’s playback for proof-reading and previewing however is much more direct/user friendly/advanced than lilypond’s midi files, so until there’s a decent alternative I will keep using musescore.