Multiple KDE Plasma Themes with no "folder" icon

Title kind of says it all.
I’ve installed about a dozen Global Themes for KDE Plasma, and out of those dozen about 9 or 10 of them the basic “folder” icon seems to not exist.
Is this a bug I can solve or am I just super-unlucky picking themes?

Without an example it is hard to say but I would guess you are missing an icon set that is expected to be there as a fallback.

I you look at the files for the icons you can see what it falls back on.

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How would I go about doing that?
Also I can provide screenshots or Theme names if that would help

Please share a couple of the theme names and how you installed them.

from my experience with the issue It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s that they don’t apply for some reason. I’ve run across this with certain themes under 3 different Arch based distros. My solution rather than spending a lot of time trying to solve it was just to find similar icons to the ones that come with the theme and install and apply them.

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Deepin V20 Dark

That’s the most recent batch

Installed through the Global Theme System Settings window
It’s weird because it affects all the other icons, except the basic “folder”

Try installing them by downloading them from kde store and then adding them to usr/share/icons as /root

You really should never do this. It is much better to put them in your home directory at the appropriate location. In general, let the system manage system locations.


I just tested infinity-dark and it looks fine here.

Maybe an issue with your plasma cache?

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Could be, is there a way to reset/refresh the cache?

The .zip-File of the theme doesn’t contain any icons,

the description on the KDE-Store site tells you where to download the icon-set


Dark Global Theme, Transparent and Blur.

Icons for Dark Plasma Themes Infinity-Dark-Icons : Here

Icons for Light Plasma Themes Infinity-Light-Icons : Here

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I see that is true for Infinity-global, and I can correct that, but my odds of that happening with 8 other themes… I must be cursed. I’ll check them all though.

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