Multi screen problem

I’m not good in English, sorry.
I’m using Eos Qtile version. I have a secondary monitor connected to my laptop, but nothing shown in the monitor. so I installed XFCE and then login to it and monitor is OK and working. after logging in to XFCE, logout and login to Qtile. now monitor works in Qtile.

if I login first to Qtile, second monitor will not work, but if I login first to XFCE and then logout and login to Qtile, monitor will works.
I have to screen in my Qtile config file.

Perhaps that helps, you can use arandr or autorandr. I setup my screen as I like them save with autorandr. You can call in qtile

autorandr --change

At each start or restart. Once you saved a profile in autorandr it should automatically detect this setup.

Also her a recent topic with relevant links

I just installed autorandr and created two profiles. It’s detecting the monitor connected and switches to profile automatically.

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