Multi-Monitor in bspwm


I have it working to the point that I have picture on all monitors and polybar is present on each.

But I can only switch workspace/desktop with super + number on one monitor.

Is there a way to make it switch on focused monitor?

Or set it ctrl + number for left monitor, super + number for middle and alt + number for right?
Thats how I have it in sway right now.

I have this in bspwmrc:

bspc monitor DP1-2 -d I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X
bspc monitor DP2-1 -d I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X
bspc monitor DP2-2 -d I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X 

I think the issue with what you are trying to do would be defining the “focused monitor”. I don’t know of a way to bring whatever desktop you choose to the current active monitor (there could be a way though, I’m certainly not a pro). There are certainly set ups where you could have specific desktops on specific monitors though and the moving through those with the set shortcuts would also move you around to different monitors. Hopefully this helps some and if not we can wait for one of the real pros to chime in.

Thought I should answer a bit of my own question.
I have now manage to get it to switch on focused monitor using super + number.
I can also manage to get it to send to other workspace on focused monitor.

What does not work yet is sending to other montior.

This is what I changed so far:

super + {_,shift + }{1-9,0}
	bspc {desktop -f,node -d} '^{1-9,10}'   


super + {_,shift + }{1-9,0}
107   bspc {desktop -f,node -d} focused:'^{1-9,10}'