Mullvad-vpn gui for country selection not working

Happens with both mullvad-vpn and mullvad-vpn-bin from aur.

What is supposed to look like this:

Looks instead like this:

Everything else works, this app has been working for me for a couple of months now but this happened at some point in the last month or so.

Probably because you activated this:

mullvad tunnel wireguard quantum-resistant-tunnel set on

To switch it off:

mullvad tunnel wireguard quantum-resistant-tunnel set off

Hope this helps.


Doesn’t seem to do anything

$ mullvad tunnel wireguard quantum-resistant-tunnel set off

error: unrecognized subcommand 'wireguard'

Usage: mullvad tunnel <COMMAND>

For more information, try '--help'.

Ah i managed to figure out, this is the current syntax, andu were right, it works. Thanks!

mullvad tunnel set wireguard --quantum-resistant off

Edit: The above seemed like it solved the issue, but it did in fact not, the reason it appeared to is because the command refreshes the mullvad-gui map.

But you can also refresh it by going to the settings in the app.

The real solution seems to be to let mullvad-gui run for a couple of minutes and then refresh the map. It’s unreliable at best but it will eventually work.

I believe post #2 was the solution, give credit to @Melways where it is due.
When someone helps you at least give the person the credit. :disappointed:


I quit PIA because they started using virtual locations. One aspect of Mullvad is how half of their servers are rented. Seems like there is always something.

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people actually care which post is marked solution? look, i mark what I find the best answer as a solution, he told me what needed to be done but his command was wrong.

As far as I am concerned, he is properly credited since the ‘solution’ directly references his post by being in reply to it. Not to mention I end that post by thanking him for the info he provided, which is clearly as far as i’m concerned “crediting” as well.

I honestly do not care much (or even a single percentage point) about who’s solution is marked, what I care about for solutions to posts is if they work or not, he gave a command that is wrong therefore it does not work, he had 3 hours to reply with a fixed command, he’s had 20 hours to edit his original post if he was so inclined, he has not, so at the end of the day, his solution is incomplete, so I replied to him with an actually working so that he would be ‘credited’ as you say, and marked that as the solution.

I do not get why people would be bothered by this, I am quite honestly surprised that people give a damn about this.

If I was a random person on the internet looking for a solution to this problem and found this thread, it would be better for me to get a working command than a solution that tells you what to do but with the wrong command. That is my entire reasoning really, and if they click the solution they’ll see it was in response to the first post :man_shrugging: and can get more info.

There may be some missing context here. For whatever reason, it is fairly common for folks to open a support topic and eventually mark their own somewhat useless reply of “thanks, that worked” or whatever as the solution. It is annoying, and sometimes frustrating for helpers because it can feel like their time and experience is not being acknowledged.

I don’t think that is what is happening here, but that phenomenon is why there is generally some eye-rolling when people “self-solve” a topic on the back of someone else’s suggestion.

I think this is right. If the command in the suggestion does not work, then it is better the corrected command is marked as the solution for the benefit of folks searching after the same issue in the future.

@Melways if you would like to edit your response so it uses the currently working syntax we can move the solution over, otherwise I think it is correct to mark the post which contains the actual working command that others can use in the future.

I agree with @rabcor that rabcors post is the solution. In future when people are searching for a solution they will see how it was solved.

As @BluishHumility wrote:

It is enough credit that i got him on the right track.


Actually it turns out I was a bit hasty anyways, i thought disabling quantum resistant tunneling had fixed the issue but it was just a coincidence (or perhaps not the whole solution, what really (somehow) fixed it was going into and out of the settings screen in the app a couple of times…

I suspect the reason it seemed like it had worked was that it refreshes the map ui when u run the command, but going into the settings refreshes it also.

And so far my best theory is that you need to refresh the map ui after the mullvad-gui has been running for a couple minutes.

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