Mugshot and Menulibre

I know this is caused by decisions upstream.

One thing that has surprised me for quite a while is that although Whiskermenu assumes by default that you have mugshot and menulibre installed for full functionality, only the plugin itself is on the official Arch repos.

Why? Beats me. They are available on the AUR:

yay -S mugshot menulibre

My question is: Would it actually be worth adding them to the endeavoros repo just like yay athough I know you want to keep it minimal? That way they could be added by default to the offline and online xfce4 install.

While it would make sense to have both packages in official repos, [I’ma let someone closer to source confirm this, but] my impression is that EOS tries to stay as lean as possible in what concerns the packages it maintains. This means you’ll probably be stuck with what every Arch user is stuck with.

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That’s fine with me, though I would almost prefer to not have the Whisker Menu by default then.

…But again, I am aware that this is a (idiotic, IMHO) decision by the Arch maintainers. To me it’s simple: Either include all three (whisker, menulibre, mugshot) or none in the default repos.
But that’s an issue with them, not the Endeavour team of course :slight_smile:

I’m curious what the procedure would be to lobby for the inclusion of those packages. I think voting for them in arch repo could make a difference.


That is an idea.
I mean to me Whisker Menu is basically the Dash-To-Dock / Dash-To-Panel of Xfce “extensions”. I say 90% of all Xfce users use it. I’ll even bet not even half of Xfce users realize it’s not the default menu.

I know I noticed that mugshot is not installed when i tried to set my avatar. But then i added a .face file in ~/ which is a jpg I renamed to .face, which I carry on to every distro I install.
I think that settled my need for mugshot. And menulibre I simply don’t use. I think the lack of functionality the average users experience without those two packages is not very noticeable, and maybe that’s why there is no fuss about it.

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True, true. :slight_smile:

As Mugshot is automatically invoqued when cliking on user in whisker-menu, i do not understand why it’s not in the official repo. For menulibre, it’s in the AUR but there is Alacarte in the official repo and a solution would be to choose to include it by default in place of menulibre…

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I checked, and it the same in Arch Linux ARM. mugshot and menulibre are only in the AUR.
I installed them to check it out. What are the extra options available in menulibre.
@Erreffel1 just answered my question about menulibre. Thanks.

That answers the mugshot part of it. @nate where do you put the .face file, and do you need to configure it in a config file somewhere?


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AFAIK you just rename a jpg file as .face in your home folder.

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we could add mugshot if @manuel @fernandomaroto say it is O.K. there is no alternative you could install to setup user details on XFCE4.

AFAIK standard xfce menu also need one of them for tweaks, unless you configure stuff “by hand” changing .xml files.

I used menulibre on Portergos and my opinion is that is very unstable, sometimes needs to delete the entire menu config and start from scratch 'cause it can break some setttings.

I’m not sure if we need to add a menu editor to the repo, but i don’t see a problem either, so if is ok with @manuel - since he is the one that will need to keep it up to date - then is fine from my side.

My only question is how many people actually need it…

OBS: I’ve never tested mugshot.

Rather than add something else to the EndeavourOS repository for @manuel to keep up, use alacarte which is in the Arch repositories and let them maintain it. Just saying.



this is for user details editing like you will find per default on all other DE’s, but not on XFCE4 :wink:

I do not think that editing the menu is something a user need to do that often… putting user details can be helpful in different cases.

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Seems that mugshot cannot be used as a GUI for useradd/usermod etc.
Please correct me if I’m wrong since I haven’t used mugshot.
So something like a GUI user manager would be a preferred app, if there exists a good one.

As alacarte is an official menu editor, we could use that instead of menulibre. Needs some changes in the default Xfce settings.

So even though we have some AUR packages already in our repo, I think we should keep AUR stuff at minimum and rely on official Arch apps as much as possible.

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The main case for mugshot unlike menulibre is that it offers a functionality that seems like it belongs.

Not only, if you search in settings, do you get a “Who Am I” icon and itt integrates nicely in Xfce4 settings but the fact that if you click on your picture in the whisker menu you get a big ugly error if you don’t have it installed…

my talking :wink: it is something that a full DE is offering usually… also there is no other replacement you could use instead of MugShot available… only possible to do it over commandline…


in your home folder:


The installation of mugshot menulibre package solved the mugshot error i had when i tried to change whiskerymenu icon

Thanks a lot!

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