MSI Alpha 17 battery performance

Hi! I am running EOS with latest updates, and this problem keeps bothering me since I got this new laptop (about 4 months ago)
Everything works great apart from battery performance. I am getting the double of battery draw than I should
I previously posted about this but topic was closed before I could furtherly comment:

I am using both slimbookbattery and slimbookamdcontroller tweaked for best power saving

and running powerstat -d 5 1
having system idle and no apps running, I get 18 Wh of baterry draw.
But if I understand correctly, it should give half of that (9Wh)

Is something wrong?


I’m not sure, but your results might be right. 4800H is not a low power CPU. Also the video card itself being dedicated has its own power draw. I would look into optimizing the video card’s power further. On my machine I get 12W less power draw when switching to built-in Intel GPU vs Nvidia dedicated one. I have managed to force the Nvidia card to go into state-3 power mode which lowers it down to 3W, with which I can live. The sub-10Watt results I get with Nvidia card completely disabled at bios level. With Nvidia card on and the setting I was talking about, I get around 12Watt total machine draw, but this is a U class CPU, not H like yours.

EDIT: On the other hand, even non-U CPUs these days are heavily optimized so you should still see low power consumption, but I would investigate the GPU options first.


Uff. is complicated to answer.

You could follow this wiki.

But, this give not the same experience like in Windows.

It is commonly known that a notebook runs under Windows much, much more longer because of much better driver support. Often double so long. Year ago or longer i found a very good researched and guided Article about that where they tested many notebooks between “linux stock” (it was ubuntu i think) and windows. And a heavy customized/configured “Linux” to run so long it could. The last one was only 1-1,5hour less for specific notebooks, but they was hard throttled too.

For me, “i gived up”. Im using “old” Thinkpads like the w541. And Batterys are cheap. So i have everytime if im on tour, 2 - 3 charged spare batterys in my backpak.

(if i find again the mentioned article, i link it here)

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