Mpv loves nvidia

I was reading the website, and decided to check the FAQ…
I was searching for how to change the mpv cache directory out of the SSD…

Once there, as I have a Nvidia card, decided to read the NVIDIA links and noticed that mpv loves nvidia hahaha :heart_eyes:


Succinct. :rofl:


They are still the best GPUs on the market (and second biggest sellers after Intel). The problem, still is with Wayland specifically.
Which is kind of ironic, since MPV does not work on Wayland (hence why the developer of MPV and the Gnome devs had a bit of a tizzy a while back and MPV isn’t on Fedora’s software store (other than as Flatpak) anymore and why the Gnome devs have cut Celloid loose). It crashes on Wayland.

I have never had a problem with MPV and NVIDIA, but then I don’t do Wayland (because of NVIDIA).

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Hmm… I’ve been running it for a couple of days while trying out GNOME again. It has been working OK. :thinking:

Oh, this is because it’s not running in Wayland; I just tried running r and it restarted. :man_facepalming:


Now, why did it run under X when I didn’t select “GNOME on X” or whatever the session is called… ?


So Wayland is working for Nvidia cards for GNOME?

I thought that @Beardedgeek72 was correct about the wayland and nvidia issues…

@jonathon Are you using the proprietary drivers or nouveau ?

One thing that I never got it working is hardware acceleration (decode), in browsers…

Ops, so, it’s not working? I was about to install Gnome and give it a try

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The dev actually created a fake “breakage” in MPV that deliberately crash it if it runs on Gnome, since he hates the Gnome Devs.

That said there was big news for a while that it was not working on Wayland, but it might just have been Gnome.
Anyway, I have NEVER had problems with MPV on Xorg and NVIDIA. As in I started with Linux 2.5 years ago.


I know Fedora auto switches to Xorg if it detects NVIDIA drivers. Maybe Gnome 40 does that no matter the distro?

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Possibly, but I’m running with amdgpu:grin:


mpv runs under wayland:

gmw --list
[["[0x556627b6f300 MetaWindowActorX11]","Vivaldi-snapshot"],
 ["[0x5566244803d0 MetaWindowActorWayland]","org.gnome.Nautilus"],
 ["[0x556624480720 MetaWindowActorWayland]","mpv"],

gmw is an alias to gnome-magic-window


We should put inside a meeting room, Linus Torvalds, Nvidia CEO, Gnome MPV and Wayland devs and then throw the key away until they solve this problem…

What do you think would happen ? Maybe some violence ? kkkkkkk


Well that might be fixed now, I haven’t used Wayland since I tried Gnome 40 on Fedora when it first released.

Anyway, point being that MPV works very well with NVIDIA as long as you run Xorg.
(Also they ARE working on getting NVIDIA fully compatible with Wayland).

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Runs fine in KDE Wayland (AMDGPU).

My money is on the :penguin:

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Because I also use LightDM and was caught by this:

Easy to resolve, sudo rm /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop. Don’t need it, there’s a wayland session file and an xorg session file. Not even sure why this one is needed… :thinking:

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Gnome + lightDM is supposed to have some security and lockscreen issues no?

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That is one of the reasons that my next video card will be AMD…

(runs Xorg as root)


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Yes, but I normally run MATE, this is just for testing out whether I could live with GNOME or not.

Not sure - what sort of security issues?

The 2 ive heard of was running xorg as root and that you use to be able to just swap to another tty to bypass the lockscreen when using lightdm with gnome and an alternate locker.

It may be fixed idk or i may be confusing it with another DM

EDIT: I think it may be specific to using it with light locker which requires using light-locker-command -l to “lock” the screen but lets you just swap to a new tty instead and have your desktop. Still not sure about the state of it though as I havent tried it in a while.


So in other words it is irrelevant for home use.