Mpv help regarding resolution

In MPC while playing a video file if i press numbers 2,4,6,8 the screen would resize itself or stretch up and down. How do i do this in mpv? while playing certain files there are top and bottom black bar.

Add the folowing to ~/.config/mpv/input.conf:

Z cycle-values video-aspect β€œ16:9” β€œ16:10” β€œ4:3” β€œ2.35:1” β€œ-1”

Use any key you want in this example it’s capital Z

after entering these values. When i press Z it says failed to set video property aspect-ratio

If you want to take a look in the mpv manual:

The wiki page got a lot of Configuration Tips


It works for me. Did you close mpv after editing input.conf?


Can you try this ?

$ pwd
$ cat input.conf 
ALT+UP add window-scale 0.05
ALT+DOWN add window-scale -0.05

It is resizing the mpv window but not the video frame

Try this:


Capital A

I have tried this. Let me upload a video soon what i need