Moving windows causes severe lag on Openbox

I’ve been having severe lag when moving windows on Openbox. Windows will stutter across the screen when dragged by their titlebar/decorations. Others seem to have had the same issue, but no real solution is provided[1][2]. I have a compositor (Picom) running, and the config file is the same file I use for other WMs where it does not cause trouble. I’ve also tried messing with modeset as proposed in the Archlinux thread, but it made no difference. I have a 1080 card and I’m running the 470.74 driver with the zen kernel.

Has anyone else experienced this with Openbox?

Tried without compositor?

Picom does seem to be the culprit, but running without it is worse - instead of stuttering windows lose their shape, it’s more visual, looks like you have multiple windows of the same app open behind one another.

Guess I’ll start commenting sections of the default Picom config out and see what’s causing it.

Definitely a graphics driver issue.

yeah, picom prevents that artifact, which is why it slows everything down so much.
actually just a hunch, do you have a wallpaper set?

No not really.

You could try running nvidia-settings - then on the X Server Display Configuration - click the Advanced button then check the Force Composition Pipeline.

Move down to nvidia-settings Configuration and Save Current configuration.

Then add to your openbox autostart

nvidia-settings -l &

Logout and login

I’m not experiencing this issue on Arch Linux, Debian Stable (Buster), or Debian Unstable. I am using Intel GPUs on an ASUS AIO (all-in-one) and ASUS Zenbook.