Moving unencrypt prompt to after GRUB

Hello! So I installed EndeavourOS with no issues, I manually partitioned my drive to have a boot efi partition that is unencrypted and a btrfs encrypted system drive. After restart, it prompted me to unencrypt my drive before GRUB, which is a major inconvenience. Not only was it much slower than unencrypting and mounting after GRUB, if I want to boot any other OS from GRUB it forces me to unencrypt the EndeavourOS partition.

I tried editing the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT with an additional root parameter, so it looks like this with both of them:
‘nowatchdog quiet nvme_load=YES cryptdevice=UUID=[actual uuid]:cryptlvm root=UUID=[root partition uuid] nvidia-drm.modeset=1 loglevel=3’
and then I sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

This did not work, all it did was remove the nice greenish wallpaper in grub to black and white…

I then assumed it was an intramfs issue, but I have never used dracut before and was super confused on how to add/check the hooks on the mkinitcpio file

This is almost the exact same issue I am having, same motherboard and everything… I thought the issue was that it was before the boot so the grub didn’t have access to the full power of computer. The boot time after GRUB is much faster than this issue though, its solely the unencrypting part.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

edit: times to boot for references: 21 seconds for decrypt, 17 seconds for the rest oft the boot till sddm.

The situation has nothing to do with your kernel options or dracut.

The reason grub takes a long time to decrypt is that grub’s decryption is entirely software based.

If you want the decryption to happen in the initrd instead, you need to have an unencrypted /boot. Currently, the data grub needs to load are inside your encrypted partition so grub must decrypt them so it can load.

If you create a small unencrypted partition, copy the files from /boot to it and mount it to /boot, that should have the desired effect.

I would also undo any of the other changes you have done.

So, just to clarify, I need to do the following:

  1. create a third partition and mount it to /boot(im assuming FAT32, like 1gb space?)
  2. copy over the files in my current /boot location
  3. undo the changes to the grub

I might just consider reinstalling endeavouros, I’m assuming I would just do step 1 in the manual partitioning? So I would have 3 partitions, 1 1gb with a boot efi flag in FAT32 unencrypted mounted at /boot/efi, 1 1gb with boot flag in FAT32 unencrypted mounted at /boot, and the last partition with a root flag in btrfs encrypted mounted at /
Is that right?

It would be better to use something POSIX compatible like ext4.


Change the /boot filesystem to ext4 and you don’t need any flags on the / partition.