Move from XFCE to BSPWM

Hi to all.

I’m setting myself a challenge: installing BSPWM on my EndeavouOS/XFCE and adapting to the new working environment.

I would need to find some good reference to study (I’m already working with ArchWiki):

  • Install BSPWN on EndeavourOS/XFCE
  • Learn to work with BSPWM
  • Remove XFCE

Thanks in advance

First install :enos: in a virtual machine. Use the offline installer so it’ll install the XFCE version. Or you can install :enos: without a DE/WM. You can use the terminal along with the proper software list from the below repo.


Command: sudo pacman -S --needed - < bspwm

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I do some self promo :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Some of this applies only to the Endeavour OS CE. So skip those bits if you are not using the CE. Otherwise there are some general stuff that you’ll find helpful.


How I started:
Brodie Robertson’s Bspwm Ricing: Let's Add The Master Stack Layout To Bspwm - YouTube
Protesilaos Stavrou’s BSPWM (Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager): BSPWM (Binary Space Partitioning Window Manager) - YouTube

Have a nice trip

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Other great work from de community, thanks

I’m an Emacs lover and Prote is a inspiration, thx for the links

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Great guide thx


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