Mouse speed & sound/brightnes steps for laptop

Hello all
I’m new to LXQT (used to use XFCE before). Some features are missing for my laptop such as :

  • steps to rise and low sound volume (+/- 3 % now, I would prefere 5 or 10%)
  • same for brightness (and I have no notification when + or - the brightness)
  • I would like to speed the mouse pad but cant find te setting

I like the speed of LXQT on my old laptop :ok_hand:

First screenshot shows the menu to get to the brightness settings. I also circled the volume icon there at the bottom right:

Second screenshot shows the menu to get to the mouse and touchpad speed settings. I’m in a VM so it’s going to look a bit different for you:

Great !! Thanks a lot for your feedback
Sorry for the mouse, it was yet obvious

For brightness ans sound volume my issue is with the steps to rise and low with the function keys

You can set that in the Global Actions Manager settings (Preferences>LXQT Settings>Shortcut Keys)
I highlighted what the shortcut keys are set to by default. You can either replace these with your Fn key inputs or create new ones.

you can also directly edit the config file at ~/.config/lxqt/globalkeyshortcuts.conf