Mouse settings (acc/sensitivity) resets auf USB replugin


I’m still quite new and it could be that I don’t know about a specific setting.

I’m using KDE and a Roccat wireless mouse.
The problem is that when I re-plugin the usb of my mouse, the sensitivity/acceleration gets reset.
Mouse settings in the system still show the correct setting I saved before, but it is not correct.
In order to fix it, I have to change the setting, save, and change it back to the settings I would like to have.

This happens on replug-in and also when using a KVM switch.

Please let me know if there is an solution for this.

This may be an issue with the mouse itself, does it happen to have its own DPI settings? My current mouse has a similar issue when unplugging but it is caused by the hardware controls for the DPI

Hi Smokey,

Yes that is correct, the mouse settings are saved on the mouse itself. (Saving settings works so far I know only on windows, where I did it).
Did you find a workaround or a solution?

No the mouse resets itself each time, I have noticed it doesn’t reset if I power off the computer and don’t unplug it so there may be a workaround somewhere.