Mouse sensitivity, refresh rate and weird caps lock behaviour

Heyo, so I’m new to linux as a whole and decided to pick EndeavourOS but I’m having some issues of which I can’t find the answers online (although I am still looking!)

I’ve managed to up my refresh rate to 144hz, except all of my windows still seem to be at 60hz. It’s just my mouse and presumably everything else that isn’t a window that runs at 144 right now and I have no idea how to fix this
I did this using xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 144 in my terminal and also set it up in my BSPWMRC config

I’m also trying to change my mouse sensitivity and adjust acceleration but I haven’t been able to do this yet either

Also, when I turn on caps lock it enables it when I press my capslock key, but when I press it to disable it it only gets disabled when I let go of the key. How do I fix this?

EDIT: Actually, another thing. When I switch desktops it resets my mouse to the middle of the screen, can I change that somehow?

EDIT2: I am now setting my refresh rate through picom. This seems to have fixed the refresh rate issue for everything except Discord
This stopped working and I noticed that picom said that option was deprecated, so I removed it.

EDIT3: Logs added

Thanks in advance

Welcome to :enos: forums.
We need more information about your system: hardware, desktop environment etc.
Please follow the instructions here to post system logs.

I think you have chosen a difficult road. BSPWM requires either good linux knowledge, or the time and will to read a lot of documentation.
If you really have one of those, the answers to your questions are easy to find at Archwiki. Else I would suggest you start from Gnome, KDE or some other urer friendly Display Environment.

Whatever you decide, a friendly advice:

Don’t follow random advice from the Internet, especially about system administration. Search to verify and/or ask for confirmation.
And keep your data in a backup.


Oh I’m aware I’ve picked a difficult road, but I’m enjoying it either way. I’m learning and I like how a tiling window manager works and I’m enjoying the OS as a whole

I’ve added these logs to the post using the automatic log tool

If I need to pull up other logs please let me know