Mouse sensitivity not saved

Hello there,
I have a Logitech G pro Superlight which is connected to the pc via USB Dongle. The problem is that after each login, the mouse sensitivity is reset to default, although the settings display the right sensitivity in the UI.

Any idea how this can be solved?

Thanks and have a great day!

tried solaar?


will give it a try when I’m back on my Linux dekstop!

just playing with it and add it to autostart in tray here:

cp /usr/share/applications/solaar.desktop ~/.config/autostart

nano ~/.config/autostart/solaar.desktop
and change Exec line to this to start hidden and use solar icon (default one looks ugly)
Exec=solaar -w hide -b solaar

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I installed it but I only get a few basic settings that are not solving my problem:

your question was on sensitivity:

But i use this mouse with different devices. So I assume changing the DPI will change mouse speed on all other devices as well?


should work also, if you do not need/want a GUI used …

the app will not change settings on other devices… it could be change settings on the mouse itself… only…

yea I know that’s what I meant: if I change the mouse DPI to match my Linux machine, I would have to change it on all other devices as well which is something I don’t want to do.

Thanks for the link! Will look into this. Should I report this somewhere as a bug though? I mean the UI is displaying the right value but it is not applied when I start the system.

what UI exactly?

yea but this is simply how devices are builder… on keyboards I know you can set stuff on the device and some mouse also… but usually it would have a hardware switch for the dpi p.e.

I just realized that “sensitivity” is misleading in this context. I actually meant “Pointer Speed”. Mistake on my end. So the KDE Settings display the correct pointer speed (the one that I set previously). The problem is that this is not applied when I start the system. Though the UI saves the changes, the changes are not applied on start.

but you are posting here under i3wm ? using kde settings will not apply to i3wm i would bet…


But when I apply the settings. it sets the pointer speed accordingly.

Most likely it uses xinput in the background and immediately applies those settings.

Hower since you are using i3 rather than kde, none of those settings are being loaded when you run i3. (Don’t use DE agnostic tools when you effectively run another DE/WM)

You should figure out how to adjust pointer speed with xinput and then either write that down in an xorg config file or simply add an exec line in your i3 config file.

This should give you some hints:


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